Rugged Winches in Modesto, CA

Are You Looking For A Unique Auto Experience?

If you are looking for a unique, down-to-earth, and professional winch installation service, then Rugged Winches in Modesto, California is the service for you. This shop is run by three people who have been in the mechanic business for over 10 years. This mobile company offers many different service, including winch consultation, purchase, and installation. Their services are available seven days a week, and most holidays, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Best of all, Rugged Winches guarantees that you are satisfied with your experience — or you walk away without paying a cent.

Their Story

Rugged Winches was started by Fred and Phillipa “Phillie” James in 2001. Phillie Johnson (now James) and Fred James were born and raised in Modesto, and their fathers were mechanics in the same shop that Phillie & Fred learned their mechanic trade in. They took the name from an early client, who called Phillie a “rugged wench”. Instead of taking it as an insult, she used it to create a name that best described their services. The two were married in 2000, and created their shop right after.

Phillie met Phoebe Freeman, the third partner in the business, at an outdoor enthusiasts convention in 2004 — and Phoebe has been working there ever since. Their biggest passions: the outdoors and auto mechanics, combined to create a service that specializes in getting regular cars and their passengers to the most wild and rugged places in America.


Rugged Winches believes in creating a priceless outdoor experience and superior element safety for all automobile owners. While they believe that special outdoor places should be accessible to all, they also take pride in the environment. 5% of their yearly proceeds go to an organization dedicated to environmental preservation, and they host monthly “Leave No Trace” camping seminars in their warehouse.


Rugged Winches offers consultation services to help you find the right winch for your truck, price comparison and winch purchase, and superior installation. Rugged Winches offers regular installation, which they guarantee within 24 hours of requested service (as long as the requested winch is in stock!), as well as expedited installation — which guarantees installation within 6 business hours of requested service, provided the requested part is in stock. Additionally, Rugged Winches offers a 1 year warranty on all installation services — meaning if their work does not meet your standards they will fix it free of charge. Additionally, they are mobile, so they will bring their services to you: saving you time and money. We give you extra time to have fun in all the places you might need a winch.


If you are interested in getting a quote, or would like to get more info, you may contact Fred James here. He tries to respond to all requests within 2 business days.